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Reciprocating Grates

The firing equipment consists of air-cooled reciprocating grate stoker operated by a hydraulic power pack. It is an inclined step grate consists of alternate stationary and moving rows of grate bar. The grate bar on the Front and middle section is made of high chrome stainless material.

Due to the reciprocating action of the grate bars, the fuels is agitated and at the same time migrate down the fuel bed from the front to the rear of the furnace. Ash is continuously discharged at the end of the bed via the water submerged stainless steel ash conveyor. There is no requirement for manual racking of the fuel bed and ash removal.

The reciprocating action and the sectional control of the burning process guarantees a good burn out of the fuel even of the relatively high moisture content materials. Environmentally harmful emissions from the stack are further reduced as the slag is burned out.