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Mackenzie Overview

Steam Boiler Supplier

Mackenzie Industries was formed in Year 2005 by a group of experienced engineers together with Jutasama Sdn Bhd of Wah Seong Group. The company commenced business operation one year later in Year 2006.

Mackenzie Industries is specialized in customized steam boiler firing biomass waste, oil, gas as well as waste heat in the case of industrial heat recovery steam generator (HRSG). Mackenzie Industries is the leading renewable energy & steam boiler supplier in the industry.

Mackenzie Industries is currently housed under the Renewable Energy Division of Wah Seong Group. Together with our sister companies in Renewable Energy Division, PMT Group of companies who specialized in the steam turbine and oil room equipment supply, we service mostly all of the palm oil players locally as well as in South East Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Our dedicated engineers with many years of working experience in boiler system and solution that supplied energy and steam. Our company is capable of undertaking complete coverage of boiler project including feasibility study, design, engineering and project execution.

Our boiler manufacturing activities are undertaken by our manufacturing arm, Jutasama Sdn Bhd. Jutasama is an accredited ASME “S”, “U” & “U2” as well as ISO 9001 certified factory. Currently, we are in the midst of completing the audit for the OSHA 18 000 certification.

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